Want to Get Work Done? Try Imperfection

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Are you struggling to get work done? You might be a victim of perfectionism.

Perfectionism happens when you set rigid expectations or standards of performance for yourself (and others).

When you set standards too high, that perfectionism can cause paralysis.

So, sometimes getting more work done requires deliberate imperfection.

For example, a lot of people constantly strive to be organized. But one of the stumbling blocks to being ‘organized’ is the need to do it perfectly.

The desire to be perfectly organized, with the perfect container system, the perfect filing system, the perfect to-do list, and the perfect scheduling tool, often keeps people from being organized at all.

The solution? Go for imperfection.

Some people think that because electronic systems exist, or because their electronic system holds all of the information they might ever need, they should give up a paper-based system that works for them. The problem is that most electronic systems were developed for a specific purpose by a specific person (or team) and they may not suit your needs or your way of working.

I use the usual electronic systems for my schedule, contacts, and deadlines, but I use a paper to-do list. The electronics can hold a lot of information, but they don’t give me a holistic picture of my week or month, broken into the categories that work for me to function effectively. So I pair the electronic system with my own paper system.

But isn’t using two systems in your work inefficient? Not if it works.

How can you get work done by trying imperfection?